bent glass

Ordinary bent glass, which is made by heating the glass to soften, then relying on outside forces or natural force it curve to shape after cooling products. We adopt advanced production technology, producing arc, J-shaped bent toughened glass and other products, with high precision molding, excellent surface quality. Need to be made based on the use into bent hollow glass, bent laminated glass, or use the bending coated glass to make the final products, such as bent tempered coated laminated hollow glass, etc.

bent glass       
bent glass

Processing specification of bent glass:

Processing thickness: 5mm-19mm
Max. size: 2200 x 7200mm
Arc length central angle : ∠ 90 ?double curved surface or special shape and size, please contact with the company, we'll could customize it according to your requirement.
Minimum size: 600mm x 400mm
Min. bending radius: 880mm (5-6mm thick), 100mm (8-12mm thick), 1500 (15-19mm thick)
Max. arc height: 700mm

Application Range of bent glass:

1. Arc-shaped glass curtain wall, ceiling lighting, sightseeing elevator access;
2. Indoor curved glass partition, glass barriers, Glass decoration finish, furniture, interior decoration doors.

Quality Control:

Conformity to GB9962-1999 "the National Standard of Glass"
With ANSI 297.7 USA Standard

Introduction of product line:

The company has large-typed bent glass production lines with advanced production technology, which could be entirely computerized control of production, the entire heat bending process is monitored by infrared surveillance system, be able to meet a large amount of industrial production and management system standards.