Bullet proof glass

Bullet proof glass is made of laminated glasses and films which have special shielding capability towards bullets. The different levels of bullet proof glasses are able to shield the bullets from penetration and prevent the broken parts from injuring people. They are widely applied in bank, counters of jewelry and gold shops, cash trucks and other regions requiring special safety prevention.

L2380 bullets proof glass G.J.J. [W] No.960230 bullet proof capability: 54-type 7.62 pistol ( steel core bullet); :B3880 bullet proof glass G.J.J.[W] No.960231 bullet proof capability: 79-type 7.62 light-duty submachine gun (steel core bullet).

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Dimension of bullet proof glass:

Max. Size: 2134 MM X 4880 MM
Total Thickness: 10~40 MM

Application range of bullet proof glass:

1. Bank, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial and business hall of the money-carrying vehicle.
2. Silver Shop, a museum, High residential buildings, prisons, explosion-proof equipment, and other places windows, counters, doors and windows

Quality Control:

Conformity to GB17840-1999 " the National Standard of Bulletproof Glass"

Production Ability:

production line of bullet-proof-glass
A production line of bullet proof glass