Production line

  1. Cutting Production Line
  2. Edge grinding and drilling production line
  3. Production flow for hollow glass

Cutting Production Line

Cutting is an important factor in the deep processing of glasses and high quality cutting is a basis for ensuring the quality of glasses. The Austrian full automatic cutting production line introduced by us has the following functions: microcomputer data input, electronic-reading of thickness and dimension and other data of glasses, full automatic sheet taking, reversing and releasing, positioning of glass sheets and afterwards automatic slicing treatment, etc. It can be used for the straight line cutting of float glass and laminated glass as well as the cutting of abnormal glass. Besides, it has a large parameter and graphics database, which can be adjusted freely according to requirements.

Automatic cutting production line from Austria

The full automatic cutting production line of us has the following advantages:
1. High production efficiency, quickness and safety;
2. Cutting according to standards;
3. High precision, the error is within 0.2mm;
4. The air port sliding operating platform is able to avoid the scratching of the surface of glass and ensure the quality of finished products.

three-station full-automatic plate-taking mahcine
automatic cutter for straight and shaped glass