color laminated glass

Using color PVB film and tempered glass for processing

Colors of PVB film: transparent, blue, green, grey, milky white, bronze , French grey and different colors.

Laminated glass: Putting pvb into two glasses, through heating press to complish, or put into glue liquid the two glasses, through sunlight to paste.

color laminated glass laminated tempered glass
color laminated glass
color laminated glass

Fetures of color laminated glass:

1.Safty:when it breaks by force, it only appears crack but no fragments. In
order to keep body from hurting.
2.Avoid hurricane and earthquake: when it breaks,the fragments still stay there, so people love to adopt them.
3.Good avoid noise:PVB glue can stop sound wave, in order to stop noise and sound.
4.Avoids sunshine:It can reduce transmission of sunlight, in order to reduce cooling.
5.It can avoids ultraviolet rays, but it can not break light into the room. In order to avoid furniture and ornament being maturing.
6.Avoiding water pressing: It has not only strength, but also has good avoiding water characteristic.

Quality Standard of color laminated glass:

GB/9962 Chinese National Standard,CCC,AS/NZS 2208

Applications of color laminated glass:

Color laminated Glass is used in bus station,subway station, bank, airport, hotel and showroom and so on, the place where needs safety glass.

Product characteristic of color laminated glass:

Max specification:2440*7000mm