paint glass

Paint glass is use printing machine print the paint on the surface of the glass,and then through drying, tempering, made the paint agglomeration in the glass permanence. Its antacid, antalkali ,fastness and safety.Its a new glass decoration material. Which is reflect and opaque.

paint glass
painted glass
Paint glass
Paint glass
Paint coated glass
Painted glass

Fetures of paint glass:

1.   Paint glass have the strength and safety same like tempered glass.
2.   Paint glass fastness, never fall off, not wet, not osmotic, easy clean and arrange in colors. We can design different color and pattern according to customers requirements.Its a good decoration material outside,also have differents light and shadow to made inside good views marks.
3.   The paint side can absorb and reflect sunshine and heat energy, so its adumbral.
4.   It has funcation of defilade.
5.   Paint glass also can use for reflective glass,laminated glass,hot curved glass,curved tempered glass, double glazing unit ect.

Specifications of paint glass:

Thickness: 4mm-19mm
Size:  MIN. SIZE 300mm×300mm
 MAX. SIZE 2350mm×6800mm