Colored Glazing Glass

Colored Glazing Glass is made from inorganic glaze material (also named as oil ink), and painted on the glass surface, then after tempering, heating processing treatment. The product is provided with high functional and decorative performance. It has many different colors and patterns, such as bar, mesh-like pattern.etc. It also can be designed according to different requirements of our consumers.

Colored Glazing Glass

Characteristic of Colored Glazing Glass:

1. Easily for installation and low price compared with other materials such as bricks, stones, and timbers.
2. Various colors and patterns (according to the requirements from consumers). It can match with other glass and color in the curtain wall combination.
3. It can be installed in the supporting structure.
4. No absorbing, no transmission, and easily to be cleaned.
5. It belongs to the abio-glazing of glass material, thus it has the same lifespan as long as the building lifespan.
6. Easily matched with non-hard glue of partition spandrel.
7. The glazing surface can absorb and reflect a part of sun heat energy, and provided with energy-saving performance.
8. It can be compositely processed such as coated, laminated, and hollowed, and acquire other special functions.
9. Tempering processing: the final product has excellent mechanical properties: Beat-resistant property and heat-resistant property as well as security property.

Application of Colored Glazing Glass :

Architecture glass; furniture glass, electronic glass.

Note of Colored Glazing Glass:

All the glazing and silk-screen glazing glass through tempering and semi-tempering treatment, thus it cannot be cut and drilled in any way. The printing method of color glazing glass is single surface printing. When used in building outer wall and windows, it is preferable to put the printing surface inward.