semi-tempered glass

Semi-toughened glass are applied to window wall and outside window in the building, can be made of steel coated glass, the image distortion are better than toughened glass. However, it must be noted that semi-toughened glass is not safety glass, because once broken, it still generate sharp debris wounding the persons, could not apply for the human impact of the possibility of occasions or the skylight.

semi-tempered glass

feature & Application Range of semi-tempered glass:

Semi-toughened glass vary between Flat Glass and ordinary glass, featuring some of advantages of tempered glass, e.g. intensity is higher than ordinary glass, and avoid the bad flatness of tempered glass, but, there’s disadvantages of easily self-bursting. Once the damage is not satisfactory overall vulnerability to such smash. Semi-toughened glass will be radial crack along corrosion cracking, not to all the crack propagation generally. Therefore it’s not atotal collapse when damaged. The surface compressive stress of semi-toughened glass goes between 24MPa to 52MPa, and of tempered glass to be more than 69Mpa.

Specification of semi-tempered glass:

Thickness: 3--19mm
Max. size to be processed: 2400 x 3600 mm

Introduction of product line:

Semi-toughened glass and Tempered Glass have the same process, only difference in pressure for quenching air-cooling, the cooling energy can be less than toughened glass.