wired glass

As there's wire or network in the body of glass, which has greatly improved the overall flat glass. To avoid total collapse damaged pieces when broken, so it has a role in fire safety and effectiveness. The shortcomings of such glass is not good perspective because it has a screen presence and interference of visual effects to a certain extent, Then, on the edge of the glass exposed the vulnerability of the wire corrosion. The safety pf wire net glass remain in overall damage, glass fragments in the case of non - dispersion stretch silk, reducing the harm to the human body.

wired glass

Processing specification & Application Range of wired glass:

The wired glass can be used in skylights, roofs and debris caused by indoor severed and wounding of other occasions. In addition, because the glass screen is not easy to be trapped forehead, a certain degree of security role for glass windows. Wired glass windows can also serve as a secondary use of fire resistant materials. Vulnerable when the fire broke glass in the hot solo break, causing the spread of fire and air flow. Screen trapped in the fire, though the glass breakage, but there is not the support network wire or caving forehead. Maintain a certain extent, in aggregate, to prevent the flow of air, the fire spread to a better blocking role. Wired glass also applies to the occasion require a higher level of protection in case of an earthquake vibration factories and industrial buildings. Wire, Sandwich Glass Flat Glass to improve the fragile nature of the brittle is a cheap, widespread use of architectural glass.

Introduction of product line:

Wired glass is made by calendaring molding, and metal mesh or metal wire embedded inside glasses, with special function of Glass.