Production line

  1. Cutting Production Line
  2. Edge grinding and drilling production line
  3. Production flow for hollow glass

Edge grinding and drilling production line

The edge treatment is also one of he decisive factors of quality of glasses. The Korean microcomputer control double-edge grinding production line introduced by us has the function of correction the errors in cutting automatically. It coordinates well with the automatic cutter of us in assuring the precise dimension of products and shaping standards.

Double edge grinding production line

1. High production efficiency: Be able to complete the smoothness, grinding and chamfering of two straight edges for one time;
2. The edging items is not lower than 200 and thus the stress concentration in the edges of glasses are effectively reduced;
3. Automatic correction function: Be able to standardize the geometrical dimensions and shapes.

Shaping grinding machine
Quaintness lineal devel-edges grinder