Marine Flame-proof Glass

A0-Class Marine Fireproof Glass

Class Marine Fireproof Glass

Introduction of A0-Class Marine Fireproof Glass:

The high-strength single-piece Flame-proof glass (chemical Flame-proof glass)of our company is a new type material for fire resisting,with good light transmittance and fireproofing and flame retardant property.It is transparent same as simple glass,which applies to the places where don't require fireproofing and thermoinsulating property.

Product Performance of A60-Class Marine Fireproof Glass:

1.High strength:the single-piece fire-resistant glass excellent fireproofness,as well as super high rigidity.Compared with the other glass with same thickness,the single-piece fire-resisting glass has the strength 6 to 12 times of the one of float glass, and 2 to 3 times of the of tempered glass.
2.Safety:after breaking,the single-piece fire-resistant glass will become with obtuse angles,which are smaller than the ones when tempered glass broken,thus it will not cause injury ti the human beings.
3.High weathering resistance:Under a long time irradiation of ultraviolet ray, the single-piece fire-resisting glass will not have any change that will influence the appearance and functional performance,thus it can keep transparent and bright for a long time.
4.Good reprocessing property:the single-piece fire-resisting glass can be used independently,and slao can be processed into fire-resisting laminated glass,and fire-resisting hollow sound-proofing glass required.

Size range
DXA0-01 AO single-layer fire-resistant glass φ216-φ1000
DXA0-02 AO single-layer fire-resistant glass + Hollow layer + Tempered glass φ216-φ1000
DXA0-03 AO single-layer fire-resistant glass + Hollow layer + Steel double-laminated glass φ216-φ1000
Remarks: AO single-layer fire-resistant glass:5mm-19mm Hollow layer thickness:4mm-24mm Hollow layer thickness:4mm-22mm

Product Picture of A0-Class Marine Fireproof Glass:

A60-Class Marine Fireproof Glass
A60-Class Marine Fireproof Glass
A0-Class Marine Fireproof Glass
A0-Class Marine Fireproof Glass